Graphic Design for Trade Shows

Graphic Design for trade shows is as important as the structure it hangs on. With decades of experience in what works in designing graphics for 3-dimensional selling spaces, Mostre can take your company to the next level and brand your exhibit structure to produce results.
San Diego graphic design for trade show exhibits
Breg - Bright and colorful art for banner stand display.

eStudySite - A mural designed for a Mpress 10'x10' exhibit. Mostre helped the client on every level of the project, from the individual image selection to the branding statements for specific show needs.

Hannibal, Inc. - Timeline mural by Mostre graphic designers.

Force Sky Diving - Graphic design for a series of promotional kiosks.

Sammy Studios - A simple curved wall mural design trade show exhibit.

InfoSonics - The Burst! A full-size mural graphic design printed on stretched fabric and attached to a portable frame.

Breg - A tradeshow 10' portable Nomadic curve mural design.

CircAid - Snap mural layout. This design interacts with optional product shelves that fit at the Giraffe's knees.

San Diego trade show exhibit original design examples with customized graphics, murals and unique art by graphic designers located in Carlsbad near San Diego, CA